Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ready Chef?

Ready Chef is an AI powered recipe generator, and creates custom recipes using the food you have on hand. It uses its vast cullinary and food science knowledge to invent recipes on-demand.

Why doesn't my recipe have a photo?

Recipe photo generation typically fails when the recipe contains terminology which is flagged by the AI image generator's content saftey policy. Even if a recipe seems in no way offensive, the AI may interpret some of the content in a way that is not suitable to generate an image. For example, a recipe containing the ingredient "heavy whipping cream" might get flagged as a violation in the violence category of the safety policy. Ready Chef will attempt to regenerate missing images as it learns more about avoiding content violations.

Why are my food items not being verified as food?

Food items entered into forms are verified by AI. This verification happens to food you enter when generating a recipe and to food you enter into your staple ingredients. If you encounter a food item that is indicated as invalid, but your new food item is spelled correctly and you think it should be a valid food item, the AI might have interpretted it differently. Ready Chef will attempt to re-verify rejected food items as it continues to learn.

How do the search filters work?

In addition to searching for recipes with search terms, you can also filter your search results by using the following filters in the search bar. Filters may be used may be used in combination with each other and with search terms.

Why does my recipe contain ingredients I don't have?

Recipes are generated using a combination of your staple ingredients and the ingredients you enter when generating a recipe. Perhaps you've depleted a staple ingredient and forgot to remove it from your staple ingedients list? The AI is instructed to be restricted to use only these food items, but it is capable of making mistakes. As the Ready Chef AI learns and evolves, it should make mistakes like this less often.

How much does it cost?

Users can purchase dishes to generate recipes. Generating 1 recipe costs 1 dish. You can purchase dishes in the app by clicking the "Buy Dishes" button in the main navigation. The dish is spent as soon as the recipe starts generating. If the recipe fails, the dish will be returned automatically. Dishes are only returned in the case that a recipe fails to generate. Unused dishes can not be exchanged for a refund.